We All Endorse Diane Papan!

Diane Papan is endorsed by a broad coalition of San Mateo residents and civic leaders from all walks of life. Please join us in electing a community leader who is working for you!

California State Assembly Member Kevin Mullin

“Our local communities continue to face challenges. Now is not the time for training wheels. Join me in supporting the election of long-time San Mateo civic leader Diane Papan.”

Susan Sanchez, Parent at Baywood School

“As a working professional, mother and neighborhood volunteer Diane Papan understands the importance of safe neighborhoods, quality community services, excellent schools, and economic vitality for all.”

Former San Mateo Mayor Robert Ross

“Diane Papan is what our City needs to stay on the right track. Join me, San Mateo City Council members David Lim and Joe Goethals, and residents from every neighborhood in supporting a passionate advocate for our City.”

Lois Hand, 50 year resident, San Mateo

“We need leaders who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get things done. Diane Papan will jump feet first into the unglamorous but necessary job of fixing potholes, streets, and infrastructure. She’ll see to the basics and essentials we need.”

Join Us in Supporting Diane Papan!

Partial List

California State Senator Jerry Hill

California State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin

San Mateo County Supervisor Carole Groom

San Mateo County Supervisor David Pine

San Mateo County Supervisor Adrienne Tissier

San Mateo, Maureen Frechet

San Mateo City Council Member Joe Goethals

San Mateo City Council Member David Lim

San Mateo Councilmember, Rick Bonilla

Former San Mateo Mayor Robert Ross

San Mateo County Community College District Trustee Tom Mohr

San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee Colleen Sullivan

San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee Chelsea Bonini

Former San Mateo-Foster City School District Trustee Ellen Ullrich

Belmont City Council Member Charles Stone

Foster City Mayor Art Kiesel

San Mateo County Democratic Central Committee

San Mateo County Central Labor Council

San Mateo Firefighters

Peninsula Young Democrats

San Mateo County Family Democratic Club

San Mateo County Association of Realtors

Service Employees International Union

Nick Bovis & Connie Morris, San Mateo Park

Justion Burrill & Liz DePrimo, North Central

Andy and Edie Christoforidis, Beresford Hillsdale

Cheryl Ikeda & Mike Currie

Dana Fugate Kirstein & Mike Kirstein, Baywood Knolls

Heather Morgan Gomez, Baywood Knolls

Sue and Ralph Griffin, Beresford Hillsdale

Lois Hand, Beresford Hillsdale

Karen Haverty, Aragon Park

Richard & Linda Hedges, Harbor Town

Jen Hermesmeyer, Baywood

Stephen and Kim Koukis, Lauriedale

Don Leydig, Beresford Hillsdale

Jill Pendergast, Aragon

Meriam Phillips, Baywood

Stevie Rabinowitz, Aragon

Eric Rodriguez, Aragon

Susan Rowinski, Beresford Hillsdale

John & Susan Sanchez, Aragon

Heidi Schell, Baywood Knolls

Randi Shafton, Baywood

Rich Yang, Baywood

Frances & Christine Zachos, San Mateo Village

Diana Prisk, Woodlake

Maria Belesis, Aragon

Kelly Dodge Aragon

How to vote in the November Election


All-Mail Ballot

For the first time, all communities in San Mateo County will be voting in an all-mail ballot this November. The following are key dates:

For more information about all mail voting, visit the San Mateo County Registrar’s website: www.shapethefuture.org. There will be at least one polling location available in our City for those who prefer to vote at a poll.

Don’t forget to mark your vote for DIANE PAPAN, SAN MATEO CITY COUNCIL on your mail in ballot! Thank you!

“Elections belong to the people. It's their decision.” ― Abraham Lincoln