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Why I’m Running


San Mateo County needs another strong advocate for families and children in Sacramento. As your Assemblymember, I’ll fight for more housing, access to healthcare, improved public transportation, better parks and open space, and amazing schools.


As your Assemblymember, I’ll fight for year-round investment in wildfire prevention. Locally and statewide, this means recruiting, retaining and training an adequate workforce of firefighters, nurses and first responders; equipping them with the life-saving tools they need to contain fires and save lives; and investing in effective vegetation management and fire break techniques.


Without focused leadership, El Camino, 101 and CalTrain will literally be flooded in the foreseeable future. I helped to create a first-of-its-kind special district called One Shoreline to tackle these changes head on. These strategies will protect our communities from the devastating effects of climate change by investing in infrastructure, an issue I’ve long led on as a San Mateo City Councilmember. I’ll champion infrastructure investment to protect California’s coastline and expand green jobs that keep California’s workforce and economy strong.


I am currently leading efforts to address the devastating effects of drought in San Mateo County and will take my track record of results to Sacramento. Approaches I am developing locally to recycle/reclaim water for use in irrigation, farming and landscaping can be a model statewide for all Californians. As your Assemblymember, I’ll secure our fair share of resources to fix our aging County storm drain infrastructure.


I was born and raised in San Mateo. I want my daughter and your children and grandchildren to be able to buy a home here in the County we love. That’s why I have been a leader in the creation of affordable housing for families through the construction of hundreds of new affordable housing units and by requiring future housing projects to include more affordable housing.


As a San Mateo Councilmember, I lead on increasing developer childcare fees and funding distance learning centers at our rec centers during COVID so that our most vulnerable parents could still work while their kids attended school from afar. As your Assemblymember, I’ll fight for increased childcare funding and increased access.


I am the grand-daughter of Greek immigrants and the product of working class roots. I know first-hand what it means to live hand to mouth, let alone pay expensive medical and prescription medication bills. None of us know what the next health or pandemic crisis will be. One of my first legislative acts will be to break the Sacramento stalemate on these issues, so every Californian receiving unlimited healthcare benefits and free out of pocket healthcare costs can be a reality.


Please join me in my vision for a healthy, sustainable future for our seniors, our most vulnerable families, and the next generation of San Mateo County residents.