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Diane’s Priorities

• Housing Affordability: “California and our region face a real crisis – our workforce and future generations are being priced out of being able to live here. Expanding housing that our teachers, firefighters, nurses and working families can afford is my top priority.”

• Wildfire Preparedness & Climate Change: “I’ve been leading efforts regionally to address sea level rise, climate change and wildfire prevention. As your Assembly Member, I’ll champion investing in stronger fire safety protections; effective forest and vegetation management; and regional disaster preparedness to protect our homes, businesses, and environment.”

• Accessible Healthcare/Mental Health Services: “Our veterans, seniors and the most vulnerable families need equal access to affordable, quality healthcare. I’ll expand mobile healthcare services and mental health/substance abuse programs for homeless residents and families in transition.”

• Quality Schools: “I support pre-K programs and tuition-free community college so every student who wants a college degree or well-paying job can achieve that dream.”

• Job Creation/Economic Recovery: “Small businesses, essential workers and parents continue to suffer from the financial impacts of COVID. I’ll streamline bureaucracy for local business owners and expand job apprenticeship and training programs to put more people back to work.”